TOTR Workshops

The Teaching on the Run program is a staff development package that includes six foundation workshops designed to enable participants to apply sound teaching and learning principles in their workplace environment.

Teaching on the Run (TOTR) started over 14 years ago and remains a popular and versatile professional development program.  It includes a suite of workshops for improving the skills of health professionals involved in clinical teaching, supervision and assessment.

The programs are delivered in a blended learning format (online preparation  – ¾ -1 hour  and a 1-2 hour workshop).

In addition, there are three specialized workshops. Two relate to interprofessional learning, and one focuses on improving communication skills with cancer patients. Trained facilitators have access to the foundation and specialized workshops so they can be flexible in identifying and meeting the needs of their audience.

All workshops are suitable for uni-professional and multi-disciplinary groups across a range of settings (i.e. community, private, public, rural and remote) and for participants with varying levels of experience.

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Foundation Workshops

  • Planning Learning: focuses on creating a plan of learning activities that support achievement of specific outcomes for learners on clinical placement.
  • ​​Clinical Teaching: provides a framework for planning and delivery of clinical teaching, with participants getting the opportunity to practice using it.
  • ​Skills Teaching: examines the four-step approach to teaching skills, with participants getting the opportunity to practice using it.
  • ​Assessment: distinguishes between formative and summative assessment and provides participants with activities that examine both assessment types.
  • Supporting Learners: clarifies learner, supervision and system issues and provides a framework which can be used to address and resolve such problems.
  • ​Effective Group Teaching: emphasizes the importance of using active learning strategies when teaching small and large groups.
  • Introduction to Clinical Supervision: identifies important attributes and the development of skills to support those involved as clinical supervisors.


Registrations are now open for our 2017 series here in Perth – please click here for further information.